Artist's Statement

Through an intuitive process of discovery and a playful investigation of ‘stuff’, my work alludes to the complex struggle to achieve a level of equilibrium and balance in present-day society. It is rooted in contemporary experience in both an emotional (feelings and thoughts) and physical (materials and situations) sense. 

Working with a variety of mediums including sound, stop motion animation and sculpture, I embrace formal qualities such as balance, composition and rhythm, helping form connections and conversations between individual works and the spaces they inhabit. Vital questions, collisions and challenges within the work are: the potential of contradiction in which, for example, repulsion and attraction can co-exist; the transformative process; the notion of play; the inclusion of pre-existing and unfamiliar objects; humour; the role of colour and variations of scale.

I regularly exhibit work in both solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. I have taken part in a number of residencies and have work in several public and private collections. In September 2016 I was awarded with a Graduate Studio at The NewBridge Project. I also gained the Hatton Award for a distinguished exhibition and her distinctive and positive contribution to the MFA programme at Newcastle University.